Work in the Woods – 1715

Appendix D of The early iron industry of Furness and District by Alfred Fell, published in 1908


Bark peeler’s hut (H.Caldwell)

Felling and cutting 8d per cord Set ashes 1s 0d to 3s 3d per tree
Cording 5d per cord Ash or elm 4d per foot
Ranking 2d per cord Oak 9d to 11d per foot
Felling Poles 4d per score Yew 1s 0d per foot
Felling oak and peeling bark 8d, 9d, & 10d per day Seal poles 1s 2d each
Dressing and cutting bark 1s 2d per quarter Cart-stangs 6d per pair
Getting hoop-staves 4d per hundred Oak rib-wood (ships) 8d per foot
Riving laths 4d per hundred Oak laths 3s 0d per 100
Sawing ship-planks 13s 0d per rood Heart-laths 3s 0d per 100
Squaring timber 2s 7d per ton Sap-laths 1s 0d per 100
Chipping cooper-staves 6d per hundred Single Spikins 4d per 100
Making shovels 4d each Double Spikins ______
Riving and chipping spadeshafts 2d each Hoop-staves 2s 6d per 100
Cutting coal-wood 1s 0d per cord Axletrees 4s 0d per dozen
Peeling bark 2s 2d per quarter Lin for pattern-moulds ______
Cutting and coaling 7s 10d per dozen Spade-shafts 4s 0d per dozen
Coaling 3s 6d per dozen Lath nails 3d per 100
Riving and splitting spars 3d & 4d per dozen Lin Studs ______
Ash wood 11s 6d to 13s 0d per ton Wheel-timber 4s 0d per gang
Oak, ash & liner poles 7d to 1s 3d per dozen Bark 9s 6d per quarter

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