by Roger Baker

Kent Viaduct, Furness Railway (G.Brambles)

The growth and decline of rail transport in Cumbria has attracted much attention from enthusiasts, and you are recommended to find out more by following the links to the two web sites below. Don’t forget to come back here once your appetite has been satisfied!

Click on www.cumbrianrailways.org.uk to visit the home of the Cumbrian Railways Association for a general history of railways in the county, articles, photos, links to other related sites and a list of books for further reading. The CRA maintain a related photographic site at http://cumbrianrailways.zenfolio.com .

Click on www.cumbria-railways.co.uk to find out more about the lost railways of Northern Cumbria, including The Bolton Loop of the Maryport and Carlisle Railway, the Corkickle Brake Incline at Whitehaven, the Solway Junction Railway, Rowrah and Kelton Fell Mineral Railway, Eden Valley and Stainmore Railway, Lowca Light Railway, and the Brampton Railway.

Compiled by Alan Postlethwaite
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(A more complete bibliography of publications on local railway history can be found on the website of the Cumbrian Railways Association.)

Railways to Carlisle (article)
The Rowrah and Kelton Fell (Mineral) Railway (article)

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