by Roger Baker


Ship launch at Barrow (J.Bennett)

The story of shipbuilding in Cumbria has attracted much attention from enthusiasts, and you are recommended to find out more by following the links to the websites below. Don’t forget to come back here once your appetite has been satisfied!

Click on and follow the link to the Vickers photographic archive for more on submarines and shipbuilding in general.

Visit for information about merchant sailing ships of the North West of England.

Click on this link to read about shipbuilding at Whitehaven

Read about 20 years an electrician at Vickers  in the life story of William Noel Murray

Shipbuilding and aspects of ship investment in the Cartmel Peninsula during the 18th century : Les Gilpin, The Cumbrian Industrialist Vol 12, The Cumbria Industrial History Society, 2020

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