Finding photos in the MDS collection

Go to CASCAT – the Cumbria Archive Service’s on-line catalogue

To find all the images on a place or subject:

Choose Catalogue under the Advanced Search tab

Enter your search term(s) in the Any Text box

Enter WDMDS/PC* in the Reference Number box

Click on Search

The screen will display a list of all the images that match your search term(s). Use the Next button at the bottom of the page to browse through the list.

To view an image click on the link for it under Reference. That will take you to the full catalogue entry and a thumbnail sized image. Use the Next button to see the next thumbnail.

Click on the thumbnail to view a larger version of the image. Use your browser’s back arrow to return to the catalogue entry.

Make a note of the Reference for the image if you are interested in buying a high resolution digital copy from the CIHS.

To browse through a ‘box’ of images:

You will notice that many of the photos on a particular subject or place have the same number as part of the Reference code. If you want to look through a ‘box’ return to the Advanced Search page and use that code as the Reference Number. For example if you want to browse through Box 14 enter WDMDS/PC/14* as the Reference Number. You will find that records from any other boxes starting with 14 are displayed, but you can just ignore them.

To see a list of all the ‘boxes’:

In the Advanced Search page enter WDMDS/PC (without the asterix) as the Reference Number.

This takes you to a catalogue entry for the whole collection

Click on the link to WDMDS/PC under Reference and again on the next screen.

This displays a list of all the MDS papers. Scroll down past the 250+ folders to the one headed PC – Photographic Collection with all the individual boxes listed underneath.

You can click on the + sign to open the box and see all the photos listed and view them one by one, but the easiest way to browse through a box is to note its number and use that in an Advanced Search using the previous instructions