Minor Minerals

Cumbrian sites listed in the Monuments Protection Plan Step Three Report

Site Mineral Location Status Important structures at each site
Force Crag Dressing Mill Barytes NY 199216 ** Mill
Force Crag Mine (Lower) Barytes NY 200216 * Adit, Buildings, Reservoir, Spoil Tip
Force Crag Mine (Higher) Barytes NY 193214 * Adit, Buildings, Open Stope, Spoil Tip
Cobalt Mine Cobalt NY 206207 0 Adit, Building, Roadway
Borrowdale Graphite Mine Graphite NY 232125 *** Guard House, Adit, Spoil Heap
Roughtengill Barytes Mill Barytes NY 302346 * Mill, Dam, Waste Site, Spoil Tip
Carrock Fell Mine Tungsten NY 323329 ** Dressing Mill, Adit, Dam, Machine Bed, Open Cuts, Open Stope, Pipeway, Shaft, Spoil Tips
Driggith Dressing Floor Barytes NY 328351 * Dam, Dressing Floor, Machine
Silverband Mine Aerial Ropeway Barytes NY 694306 * Roadway
Rotherhope Fell Dressing Mill Fluorspar NY 701428 ** Dressing Mill, Dam, Dressing Waste, Leat, Pipeway, Roadway
Blagill Mine Dressing Floor Barytes NY 740472 * Dressing Floor, Waste Site, Spoil Tip
Stoneycroft Smelter Lower Cobalt NY 228212 * Slag
Tindale Smelter Zinc NY 618592 *** Chimney, Slag
Wellgill Spelter Works Zinc NY 777443 0 Dressing Mill
Krupps Mill, Nenthead Zinc NY 780437 * Dressing Mill

*** Major national or internationally important site. Priority for protection.

**   Nationally important site. Site meriting statutory protection.

*    Lesser nationally important site. Site whose loss would impoverish the archaeological record but statutory protection not justified.

0    Site not of national importance. No case for statutory protection. May be of regional importance.

The minor minerals which have no significant sites in Cumbria include Aluminium, Antinomy, Bismuth, Calcite, Gold, Magnesium, Manganese, Mercury, Nickel, Ochre and Umber, Platinum, Pyrite, Silver, Sodium, and Uranium