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Tindale Zinc Spelter

From an article by Graham Brooks in The CIHS Newsletter, December 1991 Nobody is quite sure why James Attwood chose Tindale (NY 617594) for the site of his smelter, but this site does offer a ready supply of coal which was provided from the Bishop Hill drift by self-acting incline. There was a ready supply […]

Coal from Tindale Fell

From the article ‘The Price of Coal’ by Graham Brooks in The CIHS Newsletter, December 1995, by kind permission of the author Coal has been mined in the North Cumbrian Pennines near Brampton since medieval times, according to local legends, by the monks of Lanercost Priory. Documentary evidence of mining starts in the seventeenth century […]

Industries in and around Brampton

CUMBRIA INDUSTRIAL HISTORY SOCIETY  Autumn Conference – Saturday 18th October 2014 at Brampton Community Centre, Brampton Industries in and around Brampton Conference programme 09.30 – 10.15 Coffee and reception – Browse displays and bookstalls. 10.20 – 11.20 Brampton: history, business and industry – Denis Perriam 11.20 – 12.20 Mills on the Cairn – Pat Newman […]

Listed Bridges in the Lake District National Park

Courtesy of Stephen Read, Levens Local History Society All the bridges are Grade II listed except Bridge House (Lakes Parish – Ambleside) which is Grade I, and Slaters Bridge (Coniston and Lakes – Langdale Parishes), Bridge over Rydall Beck at Rydal Hall (Lakes -Rydal & Loughrigg Parish), and Newby Bridge (Staveley in Cartmel Parish) which […]

Lead and Zinc

A shortened version of the chapter by Ian Matheson and Chris Jones in Lakeland’s Mining Heritage Lead was one of the first metals to be discovered, and has been in use for at least 8000 years. It is a soft metal, which is easy to work and does not corrode. Its main ore, galena, occurs […]


A shortened version of the chapter by Ronnie Calvin RM in Lakeland’s Mining Heritage West Cumberland The coalfield extends along the coast from Whitehaven to Maryport, a distance of fourteen miles, and varies in width from four to six miles. From Maryport it continues a further twelve miles to Wigton, but narrows to about two miles […]

Minor Minerals

Cumbrian sites listed in the Monuments Protection Plan Step Three Report Site Mineral Location Status Important structures at each site Force Crag Dressing Mill Barytes NY 199216 ** Mill Force Crag Mine (Lower) Barytes NY 200216 * Adit, Buildings, Reservoir, Spoil Tip Force Crag Mine (Higher) Barytes NY 193214 * Adit, Buildings, Open Stope, Spoil […]